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Support for any stage of learning and goal

If you already have a sympto-thermal method you practice, and want one-on-one support, a consult is the place for you. 

Consultations are offered at $100 per hour session. There is an option for a three-package session for $250 or a six-package session for $475.

If you're new to charting, I recommend signing up for the next available class series or purchasing a three-package session.

Currently I am on leave and will respond to contact forms if and when I am able. Thanks for your understanding!

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Practice safe, highly-effective, hormone-free, birth control

Review the sympto-thermal rules for contraception and fine tune your understanding of why each rule is in place and what risks are involved on each day of a cycle.

Applicable to all stages of life: coming off hormonal birth control, breast-feeding, peri-menopause, and more!



Support your body in getting ready to conceive

This service helps you assess aspects of your lifestyle so you can improve chances of pregnancy and find the healthiest path to fertility. 

This includes support with timing for insemination, preparation for egg freezing, and the best hormonal approach for your body.

Studies have shown those charting their cycles are 42% likely to conceive within one cyle of trying and 98% likely within one year of trying while for those not using a fertility awareness-based method only 30% will conceive within one cycle and 85% within one year.

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Hormone Balancing

Dive deep into your charts and become body literate

Much knowledge is contained in every chart and this service will help you dig deep and find ways to optimally balance hormones and to learn strategies to continue this balancing practice for life.

This service is particularily helpful for those who show signs of PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Endometriosis, Estrogen Dominance, and other hormonal dispositions.

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Strategies for increasing fertility

If you've self-identified some level of sub-fertility between understandings of your menstrual cycle and sperm analysis, this service supports you in your journey and offers strategies for increasing elements needed for conception to occur.

Lowering stress, improving egg health, supporting the luteal phase, and increasing cervical fluid are all aspects of this consultation focus.

Ready to get started?

Fill out this secure intake form and we'll set up a consult.

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