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If you already have a charting practice and follow the rules of your method ​to achieve your goals, but want an extra set of eyes on your charts or lifestyle advice to improve your hormonal health, these options are for you! 

Please note, consultations are only for folks who have learned a method prior and who have begun their charting journey. To learn how to chart your cycles, check out one of these offerings!

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Single Consult

Need a quick chart review or want to ensure you're practicing your method to best achieve your goals? Sign up for a single consult to solidify your understanding of the knowledge your body holds!

3 Consult Package

Want ongoing support for at least 3 months? This 3-consult package allows you to get consistent feedback over several charts. This is a great option for people to establish a baseline pattern, for folks who feel a little shaky on applying the rules of their method, or for people who want to get pregnant faster!

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6 Consult Package

If you want to build an ongoing relationship with a fertility awareness educator and want support for at least half-a-year, this is the package for you. Especially if you have non-textbook or tricky cycles, are in a transitional stage in life like breast/chest- feeding, peri-menopause, or have been diagnosed with PCOS, unexplained infertility, hypothyroidism, endometriosis, or other endocrine or hormonal disorders, these consultations will help you to feel supported and empowered to understand and control your fertility.

Gianna C

"I felt like Kelsey understood my concerns with my hormonal health, especially post-miscarriage, and was reassuring in a way that didn't feel basic! I also appreciated being able to talk about diet and some other aspects of cervical fluid. Kelsey answered all my questions really well and didn't treat me like a total novice at charting, which I appreciated."

Melissa B

"Kelsey is very friendly, warm, and easy to talk to about your charting practice. Her insights offered are well thought out and offered kindly. I would absolutely trust her instruction with any questions I might have."

Lisa M

"It was a true pleasure working with Kelsey. I felt empowered and hopeful--two feelings I do not often experience these days. I felt hopeful that I can understand my cycle to maximize my chances and empowered with new information."

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