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The "Natural Fem Tech" Hormone-Free Contraception Course is Launching...


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I am so proud to finally be releasing a self-paced, online course for people to teach themselves how to use the signs and symptoms of their bodies to avoid pregnancy! This course is for folks who want to avoid pregnancy without the use of synthetic hormones and is applicable to folks just starting out as well as people needing a refresher.


If you want to learn a plethora of information for a very affordable price, please sign up on my list and I will contact you when the course is ready to launch. Get ready to use the original fem tech; your brains, biology, and body, naturally!

The Natural Fem Tech method is based on the sympto-thermal method as taught in The Well School of Body Literacy and draws from knowledge I've gathered in other trainings as well as my experience as an educator and my experience of my body. I'm so pleased with how all of this information has come together and can't wait to share it with the world!

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